Update on Jules Verne’s Mikhail Strogoff

Mikhail Strogoff cover illoSophie Masson here, co-director of Eagle Books. We thought you might appreciate an update on what’s been going on here as we work on our wonderful project.
Stephanie Smee has now finished her translation and delivered the entire manuscript of the text and it is currently in the editorial and proof-reading process. It’s an absolutely fabulous translation which completely captures the verve and spirit of Verne’s original and it’s been such a pleasure for me to reread a book I read with such enjoyment in French recreated in perfectly-pitched English–almost like discovering it yet again!
Meanwhile, art director and illustrator David Allan is working away at the pictures which will accompany the text. He has made the decision to create full page black and white illustrations scattered throughout the book, instead of thumbnail pictures at the beginning of each chapter as we’d previously planned. This is a design decision which we believe will only enhance the book. As well, beautiful coloured endpapers featuring a map of Mikhail’s journey are currently being designed by Fiona McDonald and Beattie Alvarez. It’s all looking wonderful!

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