Our books

Eagle Books is the adventure fiction imprint of Christmas Press. We specialise in fantastic adventure novels for readers 10 and up, and publish a mix of classic and modern writers, authors of exciting, well-written novels with vivid characters and gripping plots of adventure, whose settings may be historical, contemporary, or fantasy.

Our launch title, which was released in April 2016, was Stephanie Smee’s fantastic new English translation of legendary French author Jules Verne’s thrilling adventure novel for adult and young readers, Mikhail Strogoff, in a beautiful limited edition illustrated by David Allan.

Out in April 2017 was award-winning author Sophie Masson’s pulse-pounding spy adventure, Jack of Spades, set in Paris in 1910.

In June 2018 we published talented new author Stephen Hart’s debut novel, a magical and memorable time slip adventure titled The Lighthouse at Pelican Rock.

In March 2019 we published acclaimed author Simon Higgins’ fabulous new historical adventure novel set in feudal Japan, Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night.

In October 2019, we published award-winning poet and fiction writer Jenny Blackford’s enthralling middle-grade novel, The Girl in the Mirror.

In May 2020, we are publishing novelist, scriptwriter and playwright Julian Leatherdale’s first children’s novel, an exciting historical fantasy adventure titled The Phantasmic Detective Agency.

Read all about these fantastic books in the pages dedicated to each one!

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