Mikhail Strogoff in the theatre–then and now!


Sub-heading reads, ‘the traitor Ivan Ogareff’

Back in 1880, Jules Verne co-wrote, with Adolphe Dennery, a play based on his great adventure novel. It was very popular in the late 19th century and early 20th, and recently, one of the Eagle Books team unearthed a couple of souvenir postcards from a 1904 production of the play, showing various characters in cheesy poses!

Sub-heading reads 'God gives ineffable consolations for the afflicted'

Sub-heading reads ‘God gives ineffable consolations for the afflicted’

But the appeal of Verne’s books still translates well to the theatre: if you are in Paris this October, you might like to go and check out the brand new musical, Le voyage extraordinaire de Jules Verne, featuring a 13 year old author voyaging in the world of his own books in an amazing and lively adventure!

jules verne musical



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