The Lighthouse at Pelican Rock

The Lighthouse at Pelican Rock

By Stephen Hart

Cover and internal illustrations by Kathy Creamer

Published by Eagle Books, an imprint of Christmas Press

To be published May 8, 2018

ISBN 9780994528056

RRP $17.99

After 12-year-old Megan Evans almost dies, she is packed off to the tiny, remote coastal village of Pelican Rock to recover. Sure she is going to be bored in a place which doesn’t even have the internet, she discovers there is much more to Pelican Rock that she expected. Are the pelicans really magic? What is the secret of the ruined lighthouse? Has she found the place where she belongs? And, perhaps, not just a place…

This first novel by talented new writer Stephen Hart is a magical, moving, memorable story that will grip readers from the start.

A joy to read: the kind of story that made me want to be a writer. (Cassandra Golds)

About the author:

Stephen Hart was born in Singapore to English parents, and emigrated from England with his family when he was seven.

At one stage, Stephen was an archaeologist and travelled the world to investigate its past – a strange place that we can never really know but can visit in our imaginations. He no longer works in archaeology but his fascination with the unknowable remains.

He loves lighthouses and other magical places and thinks reality is something that happens to other people. He likes all wombats, most dogs, some cats, and thinks pelicans are very special.

Stephen lives with his family in a magical part of Sydney but won’t tell anyone where that is. They have to find it for themselves!

About the illustrator:

Kathy Creamer is an illustrator and writer whose work has appeared in numerous books, in Australia and overseas. Most recently, she has illustrated the new edition of Max Fatchen’s A Pocketful of Rhymes(Second Look, 2017) and her work has also appeared in the anthologies A Toy Christmas(Christmas Press, 2016) and A Christmas Menagerie(2017). Her picture book with author Sophie Masson, See Monkey, is to be published by Little Pink Dog Books in 2018.

Originally from the UK, Kathy now lives in northern NSW with her husband. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and a Master of Arts in children’s illustration.  Under the name of Kate Amesbury, she also writes for adults and has had short stories published in several anthologies as well as other writings being awarded high commendations in  the Ada Cambridge Prize for Biographical Prose.