Reprint for Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night!

We are delighted to announce that today we’ve ordered a reprint of Simon Higgins’ fabulous novel, Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night. The book was first published in March, and has been so popular with readers, booksellers  and librarians that we’ve run out of copies! Congratulations to Simon whose briliant storytelling skills have captured young readers’ imaginations, to Jenny Wang, whose beautiful cover and internal illustrations have really helped the book to stand out, and to our own design and editing team who worked tirelessly to produce this fabulous title!

And if you haven’t yet caught up with this wonderful book, we recommend you head over to your nearest bookshop and grab a copy now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reprint for Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night!

  1. Such a great premise. I’ll definitely catch up with this one, I swear. Just have to dig myself out of a four book pile-up on my bedside table / kindle, and I’ll be engaging with some fun yokai action. (My current read is the Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories, coincidentally, a really diverse and worthwhile read, so I’m already primed for Tomodachi!)


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